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Community Rules

If any rule is violated you will be warned or immediately removed without notice.

1. Do not use explicit, racist, obscene, or vulgar content. This includes, but is not limited to, text messages, images, and voice messages.

2. Do not post anything that may attack, insult, flame, defame, abuse, or offend anyone. Respect the other members' opinions and views.

3. Do not flood the chat or post links directing to spam.

4. Do not advertise anything whatsoever unless you have been given consent by an admin or a moderator first.

5. NEVER blame anyone for any trade you take. All trades posted by admins or members are to be presumed as documentations of our OWN trades. No one here is a financial advisor and no one can ever force you to purchase any stock. Do your own DD (due diligence), if you enter any stock you see posted from our server. It is completely from your own decision.

6. We will not tolerate any forms of threats/harassment to any members of this community.

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